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Policies and Procedures

Pilgrim Uniting Church strives to be a child-safe organisation and is working to develop and implement practices that put the well-being of children first.

Our leadership regularly undertakes Safe Church training as we seek to be a sanctuary to all – especially people who are vulnerable due to their age, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, socioeconomic circumstances, and so forth.

In accordance with the 15th Assembly’s decision on marriage, we recognise a diversity in religious beliefs and ethical understandings that allow us to hold two statements of belief regarding marriage. For more information on this, visit or contact Yvonne (details above).

We encourage openness and transparency in our relationships to model and maintain appropriate values for a church that seeks to care for its community, its congregation, members and volunteers.

Our policies and procedural information are freely available for you to download by clicking on the links below:

UCA Wagga Pilgrim Safe Church Policy