Taking time on Tuesdays

I love journals. The 16 barely-scribbled-in books on my bookshelf declare this to be true. I even enjoy journalling – from time to time. 

But my main reason for these purchases (apart from the fact that they’re just so pretty) is the possibility that the blank pages hold. 

What might I fill them with? 

Prayers? Secret thoughts? Ideas for doing church differently? An account of each day? Three things to be grateful for? Fragments for a poem?

Whatever I like really …. Whatever I can imagine can be held, in limited form, within that space. 

As I take time to start today with an awareness of God’s presence in my waking (and sleeping) moments, I have just stumbled across the Mooreeffoc Effect in a guided journal on creativity. 

Mooreeffoc, you may have noticed, is simply “Coffee Room” spelled backwards. The story goes that Charles Dickens noticed the reversal of the sign on a coffee shop window when he was standing inside it and used it to describe how a familiar space can be transformed into something new and strange through the slightest shift.

As some of us begin to tire already of the restricted space and movements in this time, I wonder how we can put the Mooreeffoc Effect to good use in transforming the familiar routine. What might you do differently today? And what might you do differently that might make the day different for another?