Monday: presence

A longing prayer based on Psalm 16

God, engrave this song upon my heart –
My Maker,
My Mediator,
My Master:

Your path leads to pleasant places,
and every good thing that I encounter 
as I walk within Your way 
is a gift, a treasure from You.

You counsel and correct me.
You whisper words of wisdom to me.
Like star light on a dark night,
You show me what to do next.

You wrap Your presence around me every moment
so that I am assured of Your closeness and availability
and may rest confident in the knowledge
that You will not abandon me to the realm of death.

As this new week unfolds,
may I be open to the continual revelation 
of Your resurrection life
and come face-to-face with You –

my Prize,
my Pleasure,
my Portion. 


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