Friday’s photo

A simple photo today, taken in the garden, in anticipation of our “grand plans” for what is normally our Sabbath rest. 

Neither mom nor myself are actually fans of “yellow” but the colour of sunshine, hope, and happiness is certainly what we want to plant into the world at the moment.

A bee box, some daffodil bulbs, and new plants for the pots by the front door … these are all signs of our hospitality and hope extended in different ways in this different time: 

  • to God’s good creation which, in various parts of the world, is showing signs of renewal and healing as pollution patterns shift, 
  • to the changing seasons and the lengthening nights which invite us to retreat and withdraw in the certain knowledge that the earth will thaw and the bulbs will grow and the blossoms will bloom come Spring,
  • and to the neighbours who now pass by our home more regularly in small groups or on solitary walks as they seek to keep moving in safe ways. 

May the bright light and the hope-filled love of God burst into your day in myriad ways!

Yours in Christ

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