Pilgrim’s High Five

Invite the guests
to mark the day
that the rising sun
will come our way.

Light the candles,
set the table;
let everyone bring
what they are able.

Cut the cake
and pour the tea
and pass the peace –
like family

for Christ the King
is present here
as we celebrate
5 grace-filled years.

Set the table – let everyone bring what they are able ….

The Pilgrim worshipping community celebrated Christ the King Sunday and the end of this liturgical year with great joy on Sunday – our 5th Anniversary – as we set up tables in the sanctuary (decorated by precious china cups, and teapots, and centrepieces brought in by different people as an act of hospitality and self-offering); shared high fives, low fives, and baby fives; recognised the contribution of each person in building our community from the oldest to the youngest to the lay preachers who lead up front to the behind-the-scenes volunteers who do a lot of work without recognition to the very welcome visitors – both first-timers and regulars; and enjoyed a fabulous “high tea” together including a macaron tower and cheese-cake complete with the topper from our opening service 5 years ago.

Affirming Jan and Ken’s labour of love editing the church newsletter for 30 years.

Zechariah’s song from Luke 1:68-79 formed the basis of our reflecting as we took a moment to consider:

  • what might our life’s purpose be as the Pilgrim Uniting Church?
  • how will we point people to the rising sun – to Christ the King – who will come again from heaven to heal and reconcile and renew God’s good creation?
  • how will we be present to those living in darkness and in the shadow death that they may know hope and comfort?
  • how will we open up a path for peace – particularly in the ways in which we talk to or about one another and make space at our table for those who are radically different to us (and maybe even just plain radical)?

There’s a new day coming! And our 5 year celebration marks a shift much like that found in human development: from getting the basics right to a focus on developing our minds and our mission.

Cake complete with the original topper from our official opening
on the 24th of November 2014.

Thank you to each and every person present for your contribution to a wonderful time of fellowship! And to those who had other commitments on, we missed your company but you are very much in our hearts and our prayers.


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